VDPhotogrpahy did a wonderful job for our wedding at Tupper Manor! We absolutely love our pictures and still continue to get compliments on the photos from our guests and friends, weeks after sharing.The quality is superb and it is easy to see that Valeria and Marco have a great eye for unique images. Both were very friendly, incredibly easy to work with, and made sure to consider all our feedback throughout the entire process. VDPhotography definitely beats many phographers out there in terms of style and price. We will continue to highly recommend VDPhotography to everyone!

Thanks again for everything!

Sofia and Walter

Walter and Sofia - Reception I-95

Emily and Shane - Part I-7

When my son announced he and his fiance had finally set a date for the wedding, I had one request, please get a good photographer. No scrimping on wedding pictures. When he announced they had selected a young Italian couple breaking into the field, I was worried. Why them, I asked? I want good wedding photos! I love helping people get started, but this was my son’s wedding. He said Valeria and Marco had something unique, and felt they could best capture their wedding day.

I do trust my son, so I relaxed. And then, he sent the link for the engagement photos Valeria and Marco took of Emily and Shane. I have the good fortune of being a teacher with a smartboard in my classroom, and brought my favorite colleagues in to view the

pictures. They were jaw dropping. My son was right...they have a special gift. Capturing the right light, the right expressions, the right poses, the right spots. Very creative, very unique, very special. I relaxed, I knew they would do justice to the wedding.

Wedding day came. Valerie and Marco arrived and I knew why Emily and Shane had selected them. In addition to their obvious creative talent in taking pictures, they have an energy and style that immerses them gently into the event. I of course was watching them carefully, this was my son’s wedding, and within a few minutes I knew I could relax. Although I was not looking through their lenses I could see they were capturing special shots. When we gathered for group photos they creatively posed us in ways that took all the usual stiffness away. Throughout the wedding, and the reception that followed, they tirelessly took photos from all angles. Obviously, they sensed what was special to Emily & Shane and to us parents with attention to detail.

When Shane and Emily sent the link out of the wedding pictures we gathered to watch them on our big screen TV. Again, jaw dropping. There were so many outstanding photos. They captured all the love, and all the fun in priceless photos. I wanted a mother’s album and I wanted canvas prints for our homes. Valeria worked tirelessly and patiently with me. They were so many choices and so many decisions. And I was overwhelmed because there were so many fabulous photos. She graciously volunteered to design the album and then have me make any changes. What a relief...I have absolutely no talent in design! When she sent the link, I did not make a single change. She had captured everything, every person, every aspect that was important to me. I knew the album was good, but when it arrived it was unbelievable. In a million years, I would have never put the pictures together the way she did. When I shared the album with people, they felt as if they had been there at the wedding. What a special gift to me and my family.

I was so glad I found Valeria and Marco when looking to book a newborn photo shoot for my son Rocky.They were both so comforting and patient with him. They gave us plenty of time for feedings and changing and the pictures turned out amazing! I plan to use them again in the future for more family photos. All of my friends and family love the pictures. I can't stop looking at them!

Untitled photo

Untitled photo

I would like to thank you for the wonderful pictures you shot and the never ending patience you had...at beginning we were worried about what could come out with our "perpetual screaming" baby...the result was surprisingly amazing, beautiful and really emotional... We hope that seeing the pictures our baby Francesco, many other families will follow us...it is one of the best emotional investment that someone can do. For us and for the baby that would thank us when he will be grown up...time goes fast and our baby changes day by day...your shots will for ever "refresh" how happy mother an father are the first days of the new born...we thank you for your patience, your professional behavior and the artistic soul that just passion can give... Hoping to hearing from you soon...


Il servizio fotografico di Marco e Valeria è stato un regalo ricevuto in occasione della nascita del nostro bambino. Con loro ci siamo sentiti da subito completamente a nostro agio. Abbiamo potuto apprezzare la loro creatività, l’originalità e la loro passione per la fotografia. In pochi spazi ristretti del nostro appartamento sono stati capaci di realizzare un ottimo servizio. E’ stata una bellissima esperienza ed il risultato finale è stato straordinario. Le foto sono spontanee, naturali, capaci di trasmettere emozione. Hanno saputo catturare la gioia di quel momento e saranno un bellissimo ricordo per tutta la vita.


Valeria and Marco were really wonderful to work with. They were accommodating and receptive to ideas we suggested for our photo shoot. We really appreciated how quickly the photos were edited and were prompt in responding to our questions.

Untitled photo

Untitled photo

Hi Marco and Valeria,

thanks so much for the amazing job you did with the pictures. We LOVE them! What I like best is the way your photography narrates a story of who we are as a family, something we are not even always conscious of. These pictures help us see ourselves and the moments you managed to capture really reflected the best of us.

Thanks again. They are SUPERB!

All best, Dania and Dave

I had the great pleasure of working with these two. They were very friendly and made me feel right at home and very comfortable. They also gave me some of the best photos of my portfolio. I recommend their services to anyone from amateur to professional. You won’t be disappointed.

Untitled photo